Activists Orga­nize First Spring Fes­ti­val in Qamishli, north-​east Syria


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Under the spon­sor­ship of the Asso­ci­a­tion of Syr­ian Kur­dish Youth Abroad (ASKYA), an unprece­dented Spring Fes­ti­val was orga­nized in Qamishli city, north-​east Syria.

Amid the vio­lence and bloody crack­down being prac­tices over more than two years across the coun­try, result­ing in thou­sands of casu­al­ties and mil­lions of dis­placed civil­ians, activists of civil soci­ety orga­ni­za­tions try to send an artis­tic mes­sage of peace to the region and world, chal­leng­ing war through art and lit­er­a­ture. The Spring Fes­ti­val is deemed an ini­tia­tive towards the enhance­ment of civil soci­ety among the Syr­ian peo­ple, regard­less of their eth­nic or reli­gious affil­i­a­tion, in order to rebuild the coun­try on the basis of unity and freedom.

In the frame­work of the fes­ti­val, Kur­dish, Assyr­ian and Ara­bic folk music was per­formed by Arta Musi­cal Band, beside poetry read­ings, the­atri­cal and musi­cal drama shows, solo music, short movies dis­play, and fine art exhi­bi­tions. All the activ­i­ties took place between 7-​13th of April and were car­ried out under the ban­ner: “Free­dom of Art for the Pro-​liberty Revolution”.

Among the orga­niz­ers of the Spring Fes­ti­val were Sawa Youth Coali­tion and Assyr­ian Youth Coor­di­na­tion Com­mit­tee in Qamishli city, beside the par­tic­i­pa­tion of Arab activists from dif­fer­ent Syr­ian cities. Thus, the fes­ti­val included dif­fer­ent com­po­nents of the Syr­ian soci­ety, empha­siz­ing a unity between these com­po­nents and call­ing for the acti­va­tion of the role of civil soci­ety in Syria.

Fer­had Ahma, coor­di­na­tor of ASKYA asso­ci­a­tion, told ARA News that spon­sor­ing such a fes­ti­val pro­vides a good oppor­tu­nity to the civil activists to empha­size the role of the Syr­ian civil soci­ety that they were deprived of over decades of dic­ta­tor­ship and persecution.

“The eth­nic and reli­gious diver­sity in Qamishli city and the coex­is­tence of these groups together reflect a gen­uine image for the Syr­ian soci­ety as a whole,” Ahma said. “An effec­tive par­tic­i­pa­tion was con­ducted by Kurds, Assyr­i­ans and Arabs dur­ing this festival.”

He added that this unprece­dented event explic­itly revealed the great capa­bil­i­ties of the new gen­er­a­tion and the remark­able deter­mi­na­tion of the soci­ety to par­tic­i­pate in such peace­ful and civil activities.

“ASKYA will always back the orga­ni­za­tion of such kind of events since it con­tributes to return the legit­i­mate social and polit­i­cal rights to peo­ple and help them to per­form their pub­lic role,” Ahma added to ARA News. “This is the real rea­son why the Syr­i­ans car­ried out this rev­o­lu­tion against the cur­rent tyran­ni­cal régime. We need to revive a lively civil soci­ety and enhance the civil val­ues in Syria.”

Over seven days of con­duct­ing dis­tinc­tive activ­i­ties, hun­dreds of res­i­dents of Qamishli headed to the loca­tion where the Spring Fes­ti­val’s events took place, in al-​Wista neigh­bor­hood west­ern the city.


Source: ARA News


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