Dozens killed Dur­ing Syr­ian Army’s Attack in the sub­urb of Dam­as­cus

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At least 80 peo­ple were killed dur­ing a crack­down by the Syr­ian gov­ern­ment forces on the town of Jdaidet el-​Fadil, in the sub­urb of Dam­as­cus, on Sunday.

Accord­ing to activists, the mil­i­tary opper­a­tion car­ried out by troops loyal to the Syr­ian Pres­i­dent Bashar al-​Assad was meant to tar­get one of the strong­holds of the oppo­si­tion forces of the Free Syr­ian Army (FSA).


The town was stormed by Assad’s troops after a con­tin­u­ous fight with the FSA rebels over more than five days in the town. The oper­a­tion against Jdai­dat el-​Fadil comes in the frame of the inten­sive mil­i­tary efforts to regain con­trol on the areas around Dam­as­cus and main­tain the régime’s power there. 

The Britain-​based Syr­ian Obser­va­tory for Human Rights revealed that at least 80 vic­tims of the attack were iden­ti­fied by its activists.

“Some of the vic­tims were sum­mar­ily killed. There were reports of as many as 250 deaths,” The obser­va­tory revealed in a state­ment issued on Sunday.

Abu Ahmad al-​Rabi, a Syr­ian activist in Dam­as­cus, said that nearly 85 peo­ple have been sum­mar­ily exe­cuted in Jdaidet el-​Fadil town.

“Among the vic­tims, 28 were shot at a makeshift hos­pi­tal after Assad’s forces went in Jdaidet el-​Fadil,” he told Reuters. “We fear that the vic­tims of the mas­sacre are much higher.”

Last week, UN’s major agen­cies issued a joint state­ment call­ing on the polit­i­cal deci­sion mak­ers to take an imme­di­ate action toward the grow­ing vio­lence in Syria, which resulted in more than 70.000 casu­al­ties in the two-​year-​old cri­sis, accord­ing to offi­cial estimates.

Source: ARA News

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