Opposition Leader: Rift on Syrian interim government continues despite efforts

“Saudi Arabia and other regional powers, especially those are supporting the revolution of the Syrian people, provide some views on a potential leadership of an interim government in Syria, and we respect their opinions.”

 ARA News

George Sabra, leader of the Syrian National Council (KNC), told ARA News that the Syrian opposition considers Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as the backbone for the continuity of the ongoing Syrian uprising.

“The governments of Qatar, Saudi and Turkey have played an essential role of support which maintained the continuity of the revolution in Syria,” Sabra said in an exclusive interview with ARA News. “That’s why it’s quite logical that we resort to them regarding any rising issue and we ask their opinions and views whether on the developments inside Syria or concerning the opposition.”

According to Sabra, Suadi government revealed its objection to appointing Ghassan Hito –the elected president of opposition’s interim government– resorting that to the fact that Hito is not well-known among Syrians.

“In fact, Saudi Arabia commented on electing Mr. Hito as a head to the interim government, saying that the latter lived a long period of time abroad and he is unknown among the Syrian people,” Sabra revealed.

In order to reassure its alliance with Saudi Arabia despite the different viewpoints on the formation of an interim government in Syria, opposition figures have repeatedly visited Saudi Arabia to discuss the position of the latter on recent issues, especially the potential interim government.

Sabra, who headed a number of delegation to Saudi Arabia, told ARA News: “We tried through our visits to Saudi Kingdom to understand the reality of the Saudi attitude in order to remove all the obstacles in the face of the formation of an interim government.”

Regarding the elected head of the pending interim government, Ghassan Hito, and the rifts on his figure and position, Sabra said: “It is not true that Qatar agreed on Hito and Saudi totally disagrees, there are just different views, some positive from Qatar and other negative from Saudi on Hito as a president. Although the final decisions will be in the hands of the Syrian people themselves, we still take into consideration the opinions of our allies and brothers.”

The Free Syrian Army (FSA), the armed wing of the opposition, demanded recently 50% of the Opposition Coalition’s seats; the fact which resulted in a wide range of criticism on the FSA, since it’s a military wing of the political opposition and it is represented anyway.

“The National Coalition, as the largest umbrella to the opposition political forces, is basically a political organization that can include revolutionary activists to reinforce the relations between the political and armed bodies, between the internal and the external,” Sabra stated. “The path of the revolution should always be preserved and maintained by the Syrians. Our main goal is to overthrow the Assad regime, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that 50% of the coalition’s seats should be granted to the FSA.”

Sabra added that it is unfair to demand the transformation of a political organization into a militarization. “We recommend our brothers in the armed opposition to bear their responsibilities on the ground and participate with us in ousting the dictatorial regime of Assad,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Sabra blamed the international community for its reluctance of taking any effective action towards Syria, adding that the humanitarian aid provided is not sufficient and that the needs are growing with the growth of the refugees’ numbers.

“When we see that the United Nations’ organizations declare their inability to cover the demands’ of the Syrian refugees, we recognize how enormous and urgent the needs are,” he said. “We are making a lot of efforts to obtain adequate humanitarian aid and provide it to our people, but still a remarkable shortage is witnessed.”


Interview by: Rebwar Boski



Source: ARA News

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