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Tel Abyad, Syria − The Kurdish joint armed forces of Jabhat al-Akrad and the Popular Protection Units (YPG) declared on Sunday evening that they have released the commander of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) group in the city of Tel Abyad, Abu Musab. In return, the ISIS leadership has reportedly released about 300 Kurdish civilians who were detained by the Islamic group last week.

On Saturday evening, July 20, four members of ISIS were arrested including emir Abu Musab in the city of Tel Abyad by the Kurdish forces. They were arrested after trying to put barriers near the Kurdish village of Yabisa, 5 km west of the city of Tel Abyad.

The ISIS arrested nearly 1,000 Kurdish citizens after a call to residents from mosques to leave the city in anticipation of imminent clashes that “may occur between ISIS and the Kurdish fighters”. It is believed that the call from mosques was intended to attract Kurdish residents to head to the barriers of the Islamic group, which led to the detention of hundreds of civilians. Meanwhile, snipers were spread on the roofs of buildings by ISIS fighters, sources told ARA News.

Several sources in Tel Abyad assured that the evacuation calls from mosques in Yabisa were merely in the framework of a plan to arrest Kurdish residents of the village, “so barriers were surely prepared for this purpose”.

The city of Tel Abyad, suffering from darkness after electricity was cut, has witnessed major evacuation movement since morning as clashes between the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’s (ISIS) fighters and the Kurdish forces did not stop since yesterday. Dozens were reported dead and injured among the ISIS members, while a number of injuries were reported on the Kurdish side.

According to activists, the ISIS members stormed the houses of Kurdish residents in Tel Abyad since the early morning on Saturday, arresting dozens of young activists.

An exchange of prisoners took place between both sides in the city on Sunday evening. Meanwhile sounds of artillery and shelling were heard falling on Sukariya area, 12 km west of the city of Tel Abyad.


Report by: Hana Muslim

Source: ARA News


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