‘Anonymous Kurdistan’ to launch anti-Islamic groups campaign in Syria



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Amude, Syria − After carrying out several operations against official websites of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria, the Hackers Union of Kurdistan group (Anonymous Kurdistan) issued a statement on Tuesday announcing its intention to stop the groups operations against the PYD, showing its support to the Syrian Kurdish armed forces in the war against Islamist fighters of al-Nusra Front.

The Anonymous Kurdistan group has launched an intensive campaign against all websites linked to the PYD, after the latter`s armed wing of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) opened fire against Kurdish protesters in the Kurdish city of Amude, south-east Syria last month, killing and injuring dozens, and detaining others.

However, as the clashes broke out last week between the Kurdish forces and Islamist fighters of al-Nusra Front in several Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria, the Anonymous Kurdistan activists decided to stop its hacking operations against the PYD, to threaten the Islamist groups and direct all activities against them.

Dilo Aram, spokesman of Hackers Union of Kurdistan (Anonymous Kurdistan), told ARA News that the group started its activities since the start of the ongoing Syrian revolution.

“We work as a group since the start of the Syrian revolution and we aim to close pro-Assad websites,” Aram said. “We have closed many anti-revolution sites, and now we are a group of three people (Ashti – Wahid – Dilo); we do not belong to any political party or any other coalition.”

“After the YPG forces’ crackdown against civilians in the city of Amude, June 27, 2013, we asked the PYD to apologize to the victims’ families, and we urged the YPG to withdraw from Amude and other Kurdish areas and release all detainees in YPG prisons,” Aram continued. “Unfortunately, they did not take our statement seriously; therefore, we began our hacking campaign; about 18 pro-PYD sites have been hacked within ten days”.

Aram added to ARA News that the group decided to stop its operations against the PYD due to the current clashes between the Kurdish forces and extremists. “However, if the PYD will not respond to our calls, we will most probably continue our campaign against the party.”

“At the moment, we intend to intensively target all websites linked to Jabhat al-Nusra (an Islamic extremist organization, affiliated with al-Qaeda), basically because they seem to support the Assad regime by their military operations against our people,” the spokesman said. “Al-Nusra Front is showing a terrorist behaviour against the residents of the Kurdish areas in Syria; their only goal is to spread disorder among the region’s components, especially areas with multi-ethnic groups as Kurds and Arabs.”

On a potential threat against the Anonymous Kurdistan activists, Aram told ARA News: “When we started our activities, we were not afraid of the Syrian regime, and when we started working against the PYD as a Syrian affiliation of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), we were not afraid either. We’ve broken down the wall of fear with the start of the current revolution, and we will never accept a despotic rule anymore.”

Remarkably, the activists of the Hackers Union of Kurdistan (Anonymous Kurdistan) has been able recently to hack several web-pages and social networking sites belonging to the Free Syrian Army (FSA),  including the Raqqa News Network (RNN), the Media Center to Support Hasakah Rebels, and the Hasakah News 24.


By: Idris Huta

Source: ARA News


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