Kurdish YPG forces control Ras al-Ain, forcing Islamists to withdraw



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The General Command of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)− confirmed in a statement on Wednesday, July 17, its control over all parts of Sere Kanyeh/Ras al-Ain. The statement was issued after a campaign against strongholds of Islamist armed groups in the city. Clashes between the YPG forces and fighters from the Islamist armed groups escalated recently, resulting in the withdrawal of the latter from the city.

“After a sudden attack by the Islamist armed groups, several clashes occurred between our Units based in the city and those groups who looted the city and caused severe damage for the residents.” The statement read. “Clashes continued until this morning where all armed groups fled from the city; some of them fled to Turkey and others surrendered handing their weapons over to the YPG.”

“We call on all components in the city, particularly the Arabs, to cooperate with the YPG which undertook the task to protect the city with all of its components from any attack against their will, and we promise everyone that we will continue protecting the area from any side whatsoever to help in spreading peace and brotherhood among people of the “city of resistance” (Sere Kanyeh/Ras al-Ain) and all other cities and areas across the Kurdish region,” The statement added.

On Tuesday, clashes broke out between the YPG and Islamic fighters who are believed to be affiliated with the “State of Sham and Iraq” extremist organization. The clashes followed a kidnapping of two members of “Asayish” (Security Personnel of PYD). Therefore, the YPG forces attacked headquarters and centers of armed battalions of the Islamist fighters of the “State of Sham and Iraq”.

In a statement to the official website of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), Redour Khalil, YPG’s spokesman, confirmed that all areas that were controlled earlier by the Islamist Jabhat al-Nusra group are now under the Kurdish YPG forces’ control, as well as “the old headquarters of Baath Party” and the center of the “State of Sham and Iraq” in the old “Youth Center”. “Moreover, grain silos in Sere Kanyeh are now under the YPG control,” Khalil added.

The clashes in Ras al-Ain city lasted to reach the Almahata (station) district −western the city− and included the Kanayis (Churches) street and Post office rotary, causing dozens of casualties between dead and wounded.

“YPG forces have taken over the headquarters of the “Political Security Center” that was called “Muslims Security” by the armed groups,” Eyewitnesses told ARA News.

These clashes caused the death of Rustum Kochery, a prominent YPG member and a resident of Sere Kanyeh/ Ras al-Ain.

Some Turkish security sources and officials specialized in health said on Wednesday that a man and a boy (15 years old) in the town of Caylan Pinar at the Turkish side of the borders with Ras al-Ain were killed as they got stray bullets from the Syrian side. The shooting came from the Syrian town of Sere Kanyeh/Ras al-Ain, where Kurdish fighters clashed with opposition fighters since Tuesday.

The same sources added: “The bullets hit the man and boy on Tuesday where the clashes are ongoing according to Reuters.”

The city of Sere Kanyeh/Ras al-Ain is located in the northern province of Hasaka, near the Syrian-Turkish border, a point where Khabur River enters the Syrian lands. It’s a 85 km away from the city of Hasakah, 90 km from the city of Qamishli, and an area of ​​23 thousand square kilometers.

The battalions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) entered the city of Sere Kanyeh on Thursday 8 in the morning, November 2012, causing the displacement of many families from the city.


Source: ARA News


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