Chauvinism of the Syrian opposition and the regime

By: Dr. Sarbast Nabi


The only thing the Syrian regime and the opposition in Syria agreed upon is to oppose and oppress the Kurds. There is no intrinsic difference between the opposition (which ignores the existence of the Kurdish people and their legitimate rights) and of the bloody tyrant regime of Assad but in quantity. It would be naive and arrogant, in such case, to ask the Kurds to participate in the revolution (the military action against Assad regime) while you do not even acknowledge their existence and even their basic rights. 

Even recently, after two years of the Syrian revolution, the Kurds did not hear from the opposition figures a glimpse of hope and reassurance. All are running in unmanageable and arrogant way to provoke the Kurds through hostile attitudes and statements that reveal unpleasant mentality and racist narrow-mindedness. 

All are babbling and screaming when it comes to the rights of the Kurds and their cause. Suspicion, hatred and intolerance are the fact of their awareness of the Kurdish existence. It is hard for them to convince us with their rhetoric words about equality, democracy and citizenship. It is easy to remove the rusty masks on their faces, as manifested recently. Whatever the interpretation of this matter, it reflects the fact of the Syrian opposition today.

When “al-Nusra Front” assassinated one of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), all the opposition stood against it, and threatened to avenge them. However, since a year or more, the “Terrorism Front” (in reference to al-Nusra Front) assassinates and kidnaps the Kurdish civilians, destroying homes over their heads; we did not hear even a word from the opposition condemning such practices.

But when these bastards (Extremists) defeated in front of courageous fighters of the Kurds, the hypocritical opposition with all its factions, civil and military, exceeded all their rifts to stand by the “Terrorism Front” against the Kurds today. What’s the secret behind it in your opinion? I cannot conclude anything but to a result which is very simple: 

“There is a sense of internal, general and common awareness ــ(perhaps with different proportion) among all spectra of the political opposition (the Islamists and Arabists)ــof hatred towards the Kurds, the hatred towards their demands no matter how simple they were. The fear of their dreams of attaining even equality, and finally the deep suspicion of the very fact of their existence.

However, another incident reveals the fact of this opposition, manifested in their reactions towards the self-administration project in the Kurdish areas. Now, apart from our stances on declaring self-administration in the Kurdish areas by some Kurdish parties, one of the most basic rights that can be provided to an extended group with a common identity is to be recognized by others!

What we found regarding this project is that a a chauvinist reaction and fearful feeling among the opposition with its all rabbles and elite! All the opposition factions do not even attempt to understand the meaning of the rights of others or tolerance. The racial purulence of the opposition masked by terms like homeland for all as civil state”came to the surface through their true attitudes without shame or shyness!

All political irrationality, arrogance and mandate selfishness became united in a mass compact of hostile feelings. The nobles of the opposition began to borrow dirty terms from the lexicon of the rabbles to describe the Kurdish situation vomiting at once all severe accumulated political emotions.

They started screaming “racially” after two years of claiming sobriety and calmness throughout the previous era. This fact deepens our doubts over their intentions; especially they did not show any visible emotion, angriness (even a part of it) about terrorist emirates that have emerged like mushrooms (in a reference to its multiplicity) across Syria during the previous period.

You cannot convince me that you are with the real change in Syria and that you a rebel against tyranny demanding liberty and equality, without having to be a real advocate for a fundamental radical solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria.

As you cannot convince me or convinced by postponing to overthrow the tyranny regime, it is ridiculous to try to postpone or even delay the issue or the attitude of the national rights of the Kurds. So, both (topping the regime and granting the Kurds their legitimate rights) are aspects to one political and historical crisis, we cannot prefer one and ignore at the expense of dropping the requirement of the other.

Revolutions that cannot build and develop at all levels, physically and morally, it will destroy and undermine what exists. Revolutions that fail to achieve changes will fail to progress. It will go back to the pre-stage of inertia (tendency of matter to remain at rest or continue at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside force “Physics”).

Thus, the revolutions that do not create a new human being leave behind a brutal and barbaric being. All what I fear now is that the Syrian revolution retrieve to be the last one (barbaric being).

Dr. Sarbast Nabi is a lecturer of philosophy – University of Salahaddin, and lecturer of ‘philosophy of science’- (PhD students) University of Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan.


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