Syria’s kurds receive humanitarian aid from Iraqi Kurdistan



ARA News

Fish Khabur, Iraqi Kurdistan − The Aid Team in South of Kurdistan −several aid and charities organizations based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq− entered on Monday four tons of infant formula into the Kurdish areas in Syria through the crossing point of Fish Khabour, at the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

According to NGOs, the aid was estimated about ten thousand cans of infant formula, basically because infants and children in general are suffering the most as the Syrian war enters its 27th month.

“The team has collected this amount of aid in the city of Erbil in cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government since more than two months,” a member in the campaign told ARA News.

However, the process of delivering the aid took this long time because of the late approval of both sides at the crossing point between the South and West of Kurdistan (Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish regions) −forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) at the Syrian side of the borders and the Iraqi Kurdistan’s security officials at the Kurdistan Region side.

According to the participants in the campaign, the organizing team is looking forward to deliver the aid to Qasmishlo/al-Qamishli for the residents of the city are suffering a remarkable shortage in the infant formula.

The Aid Team for West of Kurdistan humanitarian-aid group was founded by several organizations in the Iraqi Kurdistan to carry out efficient humanitarian campaigns to provide Syrian Kurds with the urgent needs. The team includes organizations like Haboun Organism for National Thought, Roj Center for Culture, Havkar Center for Charity.


Report by: Akhtin Asaad

Source: ARA News


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