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Qamishli, Syria − The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (KDPS) issued a statement on the recent “campaign of arbitrary arrests” of dozens of its members from different villages and areas in Afrin and Jabal al-Kurd (Kurds mount) by the forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and the Asayish −armed wing of the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD).

On Sunday morning, the Asayish raided the house of Mohyaddin Shaikh Seydi, a member of the Regional Committee of the KDPS, and he was arrested. “No further information was known on his destiny,” the statement said.  

The statement added that “dozens of homes belong to members and supporters of the KDPS were stormed by the PYD’s Asayish”.

Property and electronic devices of KDPS’ members have been seized by the PYD’s forces, sources said. 

Dozens of KDPS’ members were accordingly arrested in the Kurdish city of Afrin, including Abdo Hasan, Jeger Hamo, Jankin Hasan, Azad Rashid, Aref Jabo, Hussein Mohammad, and Rashid Sido. 

Jiwan Afrini, a Kurdish activist in Afrin, told ARA News that the arrest campaign was carried out by the PYD’s forces over the last few days in Afrin, “and the detainees have been taken to an unknown destination”.

“The PYD has also arrested members of the Kurdish Azadi Party in Afrin suburbs, trying to intimidate activists who oppose the PYD policy in the area,” Afrini said. “Some of the detainees were taken from their parties’ offices, others from their homes. Computers, files and documents of the members were confiscated during the campaign.”

The Kurdish Azadi Party in Syria issued a statement yesterday, condemning the PYD forces’ crackdown against its members and other Kurdish activists, describing the PYD’s practices as “reckless and irresponsible”. 

According to the Azadi Party, civilians in Afrin were also exposed to suppressive practices by the PYD forces (YPG and Asayish). 

However, the PYD leadership did not respond yet to the calls of activists to officially clarify its position on the recent developments in Afrin city.  

Meanwhile, Aldar Khalil, prominent member of the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), told Furat News Network that among those arrested were “mercenaries” linked to the Azadi Party, adding that the YPG and Asayish forces are responsible to cleanse the area of “such figures linked to some non-Kurdish agenda”. 

Khalil added: “Mustafa Jumaa, leader of the Azadi (Freedom) Party, is extremely involved in operations carried out against our forces in Afrin and Aleppo.”

Due to the recent development in Afrin, the area sees a remarkable instability, resulting in the displacement of many families to neighbouring villages and towns. 


Source: ARA News

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