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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) declared on Monday the halt of the previously agreed withdrawal process of its members from Turkey, which started last May after a peace agreement, accusing the Turkish government of evading the agreement and lack of seriousness to take steps towards a solution for the Kurdish issue. 

In an official statement, the PKK leadership in northern Iraq said that the Turkish army launched recently an attack against a graveyard of the PKK soldiers, “including the graves of 43 PKK fighters who were killed during previous clashes with the Turkish army”, according to the Firat News.  

“We (PKK) provided nine peace initiatives, the last was by the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who put a sufficient plan to achieve peace in Turkey and to end the Kurdish-Turkish conflict. We invited the Turkish government to respond to our initiatives by implementing amendments in the Turkish law in order to accomplish the minimum rights of the Kurds,” the statement read. “However, instead of achieving any remarkable advance in the peace process, the Turkish army violated all laws and attacked our comrades’ graves.” 

According to the governmental Turkey newspaper, Ankara accused the PKK militias to use the graves as caches for its arms that were supposed to be submitted to the Turkish authorities after completing the third step of the alleged peace process. 

“The PKK tried to manipulate the agreement and take advantage of the process schedules by delaying the withdrawal of its remaining members. And now the PKK leadership declares halting its withdrawal, aiming to hide its weapons in the graveyard, as a preparation to carry out terrorist attacks in future,” the newspaper reported. 

On the other hand, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Yayyip Erdogan stated last month that his government will remain committed to the peace process with the PKK. However, Erdogan said that some issues are not to handle at the moment, including the potential amnesty for the PKK rebels and the leader Abdullah Ocalan, beside the cause of the Kurdish language. 

In the meantime, the MP Sabahat Tonjli, representative of the Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party in the Turkish Parliament, said: “Regarding the halt of withdrawal process, we cannot blame the PKK for its decision; we have to turn to the Justice and Development Party in Turkey to bear its responsibilities after the wrong policy towards the Kurdish people.”  


Source: ARA News, agencies

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