After 19 months in detention, Kurdish student activist released



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Qamishli, Syria − On Sunday, October 13, the Kurdish activist Cegerxwîn Mullah Ahmad was released by the Syrian authorities after 19 months of detention. Ahmad was arrested on March 3, 2012, after organizing anti-regime protests along with his colleagues in Aleppo University.

Ahmed was a fourth year student in the Mechanic Engineering Collage before being arrested due to his intensive activities in the framework of the Syrian uprising. He was detained in Aleppo’s Central Prison.

In his first statement after release, Ahmed told ARA News that meeting his family and friends is the only thing making him believe that he is freed.

“Fortunately, I’m still able to stand on my feet in spite of all horrors I experienced over 19 months,” Cegerxwîn Mullah Ahmad told ARA News. “Meeting family members and hearing from friends is the only thing to reassure that I’m eventually free.”  

According to Ahmed, the last seven months in detention were the hardest.

“Over the last seven months we experienced the hardest and most painful kinds of torture,” he said, adding that he couldn’t imagine to ever come out to light. 

Ahmed’s close friends in Aleppo clarified that his detention took place under vague conditions. 

“Ahmed was kidnapped and detained under vague conditions. After receiving a phone call in March 2012, he left his flat in Aleppo and never returned,” a friend of Ahmed told ARA News

Others who accompanied Ahmed in prison said that his health was gradually deteriorating. 

After his release, Ahmed’s father directed his thanks to “all those supported Ahmed over moths of detention, especially his lawyer who made remarkable efforts to grant him freedom”.

According to informed sources, Cegerxwîn Mullah Ahmad was released after providing a warranty of unspecified sort. 

Human Rights Watch repeatedly accused the Syrian regime of arbitrarily arresting tens of thousands of Syrians on the background of peaceful protests, torturing and holding them for long periods. 

The ongoing Syrian conflict, in which nearly 115,000 people were killed, began as a peaceful uprising in March 2011, before the pro-Assad security and military forces launched a deadly crackdown. “Arbitrary detention and torture have become a usual duty for Syrian security forces,” observers said. 

For years, human rights groups have documented a systematic use of torture against detainees in Syria’s prisons.


Report by: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim

Source: ARA News


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