Tel Kocher: Fierce clashes, air force attacks




ARA News

Girke Lege, Hasakah, Syria− The Syrian pro-Assad air force targeted the north-eastern are of Tel Kocher near the Iraqi borders on Thursday. 

Activists reported that several civilians were killed during the bombings in Tel Kocher’s suburbs including children. Tel Kocher is known as a strategic bordering area where the Kurds form a majority. The city was recently stormed by Islamists who aim at controlling this strategic location as a stronghold, resulting in clashes between the Kurdish forces and the Islamic groups. 

Tel Kocher was exposed to similar attacks by the regime’s air force last week. According to the area’s residents, the regime started its operations against Tel Kocher as the al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) entered the city. 

On the other hand, the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− reportedly attacked strongholds of the ISIS in several villages near Tel Kocher. 

A YPG member told ARA News that their forces could regain control in villages of al-Sadiddiyah, Siha, al-Wardiya and al-Bootha over the last few days. 

“After fierce clashes with ISIS and its allies, we could control more than four Kurdih villages near Tel Kocher,” he said. “We have the determination to fight al-Qaeda till the end, and our forces accomplished remarkable progress on the ground.”

As the attacks against the ISIS increased in the Kurdish areas, the group started to receive support from other al-Qaeda linked groups like Jabhat al-Nusra in Tel Kocher. 

“These villages were under the control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham backed by other Islamic battalions,” The YPG member said.

He added that the YPG forces have also taken over “large quantity” of heavy and light weapons, adding that the YPG is in a continuous progress towards the city of Tel Kocher. 

According to a source a linked to the ISIS, the Islamic battalion of al-Khilafa Supporters regained control over the village of al-Sadiddiyah on the border with Iraq after hours of YPG’s control.  

“25 bodies of the YPG fighters arrived in al-Nour hospital in Qamishli,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the PYD affiliated news agency of ANHA reported on Sunday that dozens of Islamic fighters were killed during clashes with the Kurdish YPG forces. 


Report by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News


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