KNC condemns crimes of Islamists in Syria’s Kurdish areas



ARA News 

Qamishli, Syria− The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) issued a statement in which it condemned the repeated attacks by the Islamist groups against several Kurdish areas in Syria.

The KNC condemned the recent attacks by the al-Qaeda affiliated group of Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) against the Kurdish city of Afrin, in which dozens of civilians were reportedly killed and injured.  

“As violence escalates across Syria, innocent civilians in many Kurdish areas are being targeted by certain groups, especially the Islamic ones. We strongly condemn these acts against our people,” the statement read. 

The statement added that amid the lack of security and civil peace in cities where clashes continue, thousands of people escaped death and destruction resorting to cities in other relatively safe regions in the country. 

The statement renewed the KNC’s invitation to the people of Kurdish areas with all of their components including Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians, to “unite in the face of murderers and aggressors”.

KNC called upon all spectra and factions of the Syrian opposition to condemn these “crimes” against Syrian Kurds.

“The opposition factions that remain silent on the recent Islamists’ attacks against the Kurdish areas are to blame, because any extremist Islamic group serve no party by the tyrannical regime itself,” KNC statement added. 

The KNC appealed to all regional powers and the world to make efforts in order to “stop the bloodshed in Syria” through finding a fair solution for the ongoing crisis storming the country since 2011.

According to the KNC, any solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria must lead to the “fall of the current regime” and the formation of a pluralistic government “based on a federal parliamentary system”.  

Most of the Kurdish areas in Syria suffer a constant cut of power and water, forced displacement, and the spread of many armed militants, the fact that led thousands of families to leave their villages and cities and resort to neighbouring countries. 


Report by: Ahmed Shiwesh 

Source: ARA News


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