Explosion in Kurdish city kills 11, north Syria




ARA News

Kobani, Syria− A huge explosion rocked the Kurdish city of Kobani, north of Syria, on Monday. A bombed car exploded near the building of the Kurdish Red Crescent, about 100 meters far from a checkpoint of the Kurdish Popular Protection Units forces (YPG).

The blast resulted in the death of at least 11 Kurdish civilians and caused extreme damage in the surrounding residential buildings and trading shops.

According to eyewitnesses who saw the location of the explosion, the YPG forces surrounded the bombed neighbourhood. 

“Two cars were completely burned, some tormented human organs were distributed over the explosion’s location and the damage and horror could be seen across the surrounding area,” an eyewitness told ARA News on Monday. 

Sources in the Democratic Union Party (PYD) −a dominant Kurdish party in north-eastern Syria− confirmed the death of 11 residents of Kobani due to the “strongly condemned” explosion, adding that more than 25 were wounded, “four from them were seriously injured and moved to a Turkish hospital to receive treatment”.

The chairman of the so-called People’s Council of Western Kurdistan in Kobani city, Ahmad Shekho, stated in an interview with ARA News that the Kurdish security forces of the Asayish and militants of the YPG −both affiliated with the PYD-led People’s Council− gained information about the incident, “confirming that some parties who oppose the Kurdish people’s aspirations and advance on the ground are ‘definitely’ involved in the incident,” Shekho said.

“Those groups have previously showed intention to spread chaos in Kobani and weaken the stability in the area. Although they live among us, but they are inevitably enemies of our people,” Shekho told ARA News. “Our forces scored remarkable advance on the ground against the armed groups, and such practices will never overwhelm our determination.” 

According to Shekho, those who carried out the Kobani attack attempt to target the “Kurdish people’s will”.

“However, the Kurdish forces (Asayish and YPG) will continue their operations until accomplishing the ambitions of our Kurdish people and force the enemies (Islamists) to withdraw,” Shekho said.    

Othman Miste, head of the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) local committee in Kobani, condemned the explosion, describing it as “the cowardly act” and stressed the necessity of the unity of the Kurds “in the face of the anti-Kurds armed groups in Syria.

“They are trying to target the stability and security of our areas through such attacks, to spread horror among the Kurdish people,” Miste stated to ARA News.  

Among the victims of the Monday’s explosion in Kobani were members of some displaced families from Syrian war-torn areas, such as Zuhair Qabalan, Abdulrahman Qabalan, Basel Karmo and Khalil Karmo from the town of Kafar Zeta, activists said. 

Kurdish activists accused the Islamist groups of the responsibility for Kobani’s explosion, as the same groups are in an ongoing straggle against the Kurdish forces in Syria’s northern and north-eastern areas, where Kurds form a majority of the population.  


Report by: Baran Misko

Source: ARA News


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