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Amude, Syria− In an attempt to raise the issue of violations against human rights in Syria, the Kurdish Women’s Association of Gulshina revived the Universal Day of Human Rights in the city of Amude in northern Syria. 

Dozens of residents of the city responded to the association’s invitation to draw the attention to issues at stake concerning human rights in the region.

The Kurdish civil rights and women rights in Syria were emphasized among other topics discussed during the extended celebration on Tuesday. 

Manal al-Husseini, a member of the Gulshina Association, told ARA News that The Cultural Committee of the association organized a seminar on the occasion of the Universal Day of Human Rights, to shed light on peoples’ rights as stated in the international covenants and conventions of the nations, including the right of the Kurdish people. The women’s right of participation in politics was emphasized, beside the cultural role women historically played.

“Over decades, the Kurdish woman was excluded from politics. One of the main objectives of Gulshina is to revive the right of the Kurdish woman to participate in politics and occupy leading positions in Syria’s Kurdish areas,” Manal said. 

According to Manal, the revival of UDHR in Syria amid the current circumstances reflects a high level of awareness among Syrian Kurds regarding the decades of persecution and the damage caused by war to the basic human rights. 

“Multiple kinds of violations have been practised against the Kurds in general and the Kurdish woman in particular,” she said. “The suppressive authority of Baath party on the one hand, and oppression of the masculine mentality on the other. The time has come for woman to shine and take position she deserves.” 

The target group of the presentations given during the Universal Day of Human Rights’s celebration were civilians who are not aware of their basic rights, in particular women. 

“As women were always kept in the shadow, under the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance, especially the older generations, we had to draw the attention to their rights and rise level of awareness in this regard,” Manal added. 

Idris Piran, a Kurdish academic in Amude, presented on the concept of nationality and the Kurdish people’s rights in Syria. 

“This particular topic is being constantly discussed among other components of the Syrian society, and the Kurd’s emphasis of their unique nationality (in comparison to Arab) in Syria made may Syrians worry of any separatist intentions by the Kurds,” Piran told ARA News. “We want them to understand that the Kurds are evidently and historically a genuine nation which inhabited the region for thousands of years, and stressing the right of being recognized as a nation is in accordance with the international conventions of human rights.” 

According to Piran, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees all nations the right to self-determination.

“Although we have a legitimate right to demarcate our borders and obtain our independence, we still reassure that we are Syrians and not separatists,” he said. “During my presentation in this precious occasion I tried to go into details on the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in Syria and raise the awareness of the audience concerning the issue.”


Reporting by: Idris Huta and Egid Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid) 


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