Geneva II: aspirations for solution and fears of failure



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Qamishli, Syria− Despite the ongoing peace talks in Geneva between the delegations of the Syrian regime and the opposition, many Syrians don’t believe that both sides of the conflict will reach an actual agreement to end the devastating war which hit their country since nearly three years. This vision might be ascribed to the “incredibility of the current regime”, as many Syrians argue. However, the majority still believes that a political solution could be the only guarantee to prevent further destruction in the country and to put an end to the misery of millions of Syrians.

Fadil Ahmed, a Kurdish lawyer based in the city of Qamishli, expressed his view to ARA News saying that both sides of the conflict reached the conclusion that neither of them can win the war.

“That’s why they accepted to join the peace talks of Geneva II, and as the major powers have already agreed on a roadmap for Syria, the start of a new era in Syria will be drawn,” Ahmed said. “It is known to most Syrians that the regime’s ally, Russia, tries to set strategies in support of the regime. Russia has involved itself seriously in the negotiations, especially after the exclusion of Iran from Geneva II.” 

Syriac activist Yaaqub Hanna expressed his fears that no agreement might be reached in Geneva.

“If both sides of the conflict (Syrian regime and the opposition) do not reach an agreement in Geneva II, the humanitarian situation in Syria will further deteriorate, especially after the appearance of some armed groups which are neither controlled by the regime nor linked to the opposition; they are merely striving for the sake of establishing an Islamic state in Syria,” Hanna stated to ARA News

According to Hanna, the recent developments in Syria indicate a possible demographic change in the region in future, “especially with the increasing mass emigration and the high rates of influx of people to the neighbouring countries and even to Europe”. 

Sherwan is a Kurdish activist who expressed his fears regarding the Kurdish issue in Syria amid the ongoing happenings and developments.

“Kurds have always been excluded from international agreements and there is a fear that the Geneva II negotiators reach an agreement for the future of Syria without addressing the Kurdish issue and the rights of Syrian Kurds, especially that the major powers haven’t shown any signs regarding the Kurdish issue so far,” he told ARA News

After one week of negotiations in Geneva peace talks, none of the delegations (Syrian regime’s and opposition’s) showed any intention to withdraw from the ongoing talks, despite the disagreement on several points between both parties.

D. Kamiran Haj Abdo, a Kurdish representative in the opposition’s delegation to Geneva (represented by the Syrian National Coalition) stated to ARA News that the Kurdish issue and the status of Syria’s minorities are among the main topics raised in Geneva II.

“The UN-Arab envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, said during his initial meeting with the delegations (of the regime and the opposition) that the rights of the Kurds and Alwaites have to be guaranteed in the new Syria,” Haj Abdo said. 


Reporting by: Miran Hussein

Source: ARA News


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