Human rights and transitional justice: Silav Center in Syria’s Hasaka organize workshop




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Hasaka, Syria− The Silav Center for Civil Society and Democracy organized a workshop on human rights issues, transitional justice and conflict resolution. The workshop took place on Saturday in the city of Hasakah, north Syria, and lasted for two days. 

Twenty male and female trainee participants from the diverse ethical and religious groups in the city of Hasaka took part in the workshop. 

Lina Nechari, member of the administrative board in the Silav Center, told ARA News that the main goal of organizing such workshops is contributing to an efficient capacity building process among the youth. 

“This workshop was mainly meant to train the participants on basic human rights issues and the general mechanisms to prevent violations, beside tackling matters such as peace negotiations, transitional justice and the role of women in building and maintaining a civil society,” said Nechari.   

Nechari added that members of the Silav Center for Civil Society and Democracy make continuous efforts to organize various activities in the fields of psychological support for children, training women on manual works and other kinds of activities in accordance with the cente’s goals. 

A trainee who participated in the Hasaka workshop expressed his interest in the activities and discussions, saying that the interactive environment showed the willingness of all participants to cooperate and build skills.

Emphasizing the importance of such workshops, he told ARA News: “While such activities show our aspiration to build, the overall scene in the country (Syria) is characterized by damage and death”.  

The Silav Center was established nearly one year ago and has so far organized more than 15 training workshops carried out by specialists in different fields. The center’s main activities are organized in the northeastern areas in Syria.   


Reporting by: Nisrin Ahmed

Source: ARA News


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