Kurdish folk music revived during Symposium in Syria’s Qamishli


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Qamishli, Syria− In the framework of the cultural activities organized by the Sobarto Assembly (civil assembly concerned with Kurdish history and heritage), a symposium was held on the history of musical instruments in the Kurdish culture and heritage, in the city of Qamishli/Qamishlo, northeast Syria. 

Prominent musician Ronas Sheikhmous participated in the symposium along with other Kurdish musicians. The activity was held under the name “the Kurdish musical instruments “.

Sheikhmous presented an extensive study on the history of Kurdish musical instruments. He showed models and pictures of musical instruments which are known historically by the Kurds. He talked about the Tanbour  (Kurdish guitar) instrument, its shape and the instrument’s differences from one region to another. 

The history of the eastern violin, tambourine, and flute was also presented. Historical tales were narrated on eastern instruments and their developments throughout the history of the region.

Live music was played by participants on different instruments. Folk pieces accompanied the discussions.

“Music constitutes an essential part of our culture in the region. It represents the historical identity of the Kurds and other groups,” said Sheikhmous.

Members of the well-known Arta musical band performed several folk pieces at the end of the symposium.

“Music reflects the culture, heritage, identity, and history of any nation throughout history. It expresses faith, joy, and sadness as well as different colours of life. Music is a record in history as part of any nation’s cultural identity including the Kurds,” said a member of Arta band.

Reporting by: Hewa Ali

Source: ARA News

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