Kurdish language revived in Syria’s Afrin



ARA News

Afrin, Syria− Dozens of residents of Afrin city followed intensive Kurdish language courses organized recently by the Language Institute SZK. The institute aims to revive the Kurdish language in the area by teaching a number of academics in Afrin to voluntarily teach their peers who were for decades denied the right to academically learn their native language.

Elementary and secondary schools in Afrin city and its surroundings are to launch Kurdish language courses soon, SZK institute declared. 

Trainees received teaching skills and were taught on academic methods of providing students with efficient courses and sufficient linguistic knowledge in Kurdish. 

Amina Kedro, a female teacher in the SZK institute, told ARA News that the objective of the intensive course is to develop the skills of teachers in the Kurdish language.

Jiyan, one of the trainees, emphasized the importance of learning Kurdish language “after decades of being denied the basic right of learning academic Kurdish in Syria”.

“Our community (Syrian Kurds) was not allowed to learn written Kurdish under the suppressive Syrian regime. It is the time now to break down the constraints imposed on our people’s basic cultural right in Syria,” Jiyan told ARA News


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmad

Source: ARA News


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