Mandela House: Activists to revive civil society north Syria



ARA News

Qamishli, Syria− A group of Kurdish activists in the city of Qamishli announced on Friday the opening of “Mandela House”, a centrer for civil activities, mainly concerned with reviving the civil society in northeastern areas of Syria. 

Mandela House is mainly funded by Pel-Civil Waves organization in Germany, which is basically staffed by Kurdish activists.   

A number of local intellectuals, civil activists and those interested in public affairs attended the event. The center is located in the Kornish district in the city of Qamishlo/Qamishli, northeast Syria. 

The opening event included screening a documentary about the life of the prominent leader Nelson Mandela and introducing the Mandela House and its objectives. 

Ghandi Sadoon, a supervisor in the House, told ARA News that the Mandela House will provide various services to civilians in the region, adding that it’s main goal is to contribute to the revival of the civil society through organizing different kinds of activities. 

“The Mandela House is a center which offers services to all kinds of civil society organizations. Anyone who would show willingness to help our society will definitely be backed by the House,” Sadoon said.  

He added that the Mandela House will not be restricted to one specific group, “but run by all the social components in Syria’s northeast”.

The Mandela House consists of three main sections; one room is equipped with a display screen for presenting movies and seminars, another section is specified as a reading room where the organizers work on providing visitors with books on demand, while the third is basically for field work where activities are worked on and publications are printed.

The 34-months conflict in Syria resulted in a weakened society, which is in need for revival. Dozens of civil centers were opened in several areas in the country to hold activities concerned with the maintenance of civil peace and to revive the civil society. 

Reporting by: Shilan Biro

Source: ARA News


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