Syrian regime accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism



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Iraqi Kurdistan− The Syrian Foreign Ministry, Walid al-Mualim, accused the Saudi authorities of direct interference in Syria by supporting “terrorist groups” which fight against the Syrian army.

According to the Syrian FM, Saudi Arabia played a major role in the intensification of violence in Syria through providing extremist groups with weapons. 

The minister didn’t differentiate between the various rebel groups who are in conflict with the pro-regime forces since nearly three years, what raised the anger of the Syrian opposition which says that its armed forces fight both al-Qaeda and the pro-Assad army. 

The Syrian FM statements came in two identical letters which addressed the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, and the Cheif of the UN Security Council, Gerard Aro, on Wednesday. 

Al-Mualim said that the Saudi authorities have commissioned the Saudi Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Mahiseny, a Saudi religious figure who, according to Mualim, is calling for jihad in Syria and is influential among extremist groups. 

According the Syrian Foreign Minister, the official letters −directed to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council’s Chief− show the Syrian regime’s intention to reach a political solution for the Syrian crisis by demanding what the regime called “terrorist groups” for a cease-fire in Syria

“The Saudi authorities contributed to the complication of the situation in Syria and enhanced terrorist fighters by providing them weapons and calling for jihad against Syria as a state of sovereignty,” the letter read. “Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria are trying to reach a Saudi-sponsored agreement with other Islamist groups to damage Syria and oust its sovereignty.”  

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday that the Syrian rebels (including the Islamic Front) are in conflict with the al-Qaeda-linked ISIL since nearly two months, adding that the clashes between both sides claimed lives of thousands of fighters from both sides.  

Opposition activists argued that if the Syrian regime is really in conflict with al-Qaeda, “why its forces never attack the ISIL strongholds in Qarra city”. “The regime air force only bombs residential areas in Aleppo and other Syrian cities while turn a blind eye to the headquarters of al-Qaeda,” a member of the opposition said last week.


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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