Escalating violence in Hasaka, north Syria



ARA News

Qamishli, Syria– After a ceasefire agreement mediated by local tribal elders between the regime forces and the armed opposition fighters on Monday, four mortar shells hit on Tuesday the Gueran district in Hasaka city, northeastern Syria. The regime forces used artillery shelling and tried to tighten the siege around the district. Dozens of Gueran residents escaped violence and resorted to other areas in the province.  

The clashes which had erupted abruptly last Thursday claimed lives of several civilian and a number of fighters. 

Dilovan Mohammed, a media activist based in Hasaka city, told ARA News that four mortar shells of unknown source hit Gueran district on Tuesday and resulted in the death of four civilians.

Mohammed also reported to ARA News that an explosive device blew up in a shop in the predominantly Kurdish district of Tel al-Hajar in Hasaka city in front of the Kurdish Assayish (security) center, resulting in the injury of the shop owner and a member of the Assayish forces.

Tel al-Hajar explosion also claimed the life of Abdul Samad Ose, the correspondent of Ronahi TV, a TV station close to the Democratic Union Party (PYD).


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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