Syrian regime accuses rebels of massacre in Alawite village



ARA News

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan− The Syrian regime and the opposition reported contradictory information regarding the identity of those killed in the Alawite-populated village of Ma’an in the countryside of Hama, following the opposition forces taking control over the village. The Syrian government has accused the opposition fighters of killing more than 40 civilians on the background of their (Alawite) sectarian affiliation, while the opposition insisted that those killed were fighters loyal to the regime. 

In an explanatory statement regarding the incident in Ma’an village, the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the Opposition said on Tuesday that the armed groups which participated in “liberating” the village are keen on protecting the civilians and on guaranteeing their safety. 

“All those killed in the operation of liberating Ma’an village were fighters loyal to the Assad regime, and there is no truth in what the regime propagated about civilians being killed. We confirm that no violations were carried out against any unarmed residents of Ma’an, and the regime repeats such lies to discredit the rebels,” the statement said.  

Media outlets close to the Syrian regime reported that fighters of al-Nusra Front killed 42 civilians in Ma’an, “among them 10 women were mutilated”.  

According to a statement released by the General Command of the Syrian Army, large numbers of  who it called “terrorists” attacked the village using all kinds of weapons.  

“The terrorists looted, burned and destroyed the civilians’ houses and forced the displacement of its inhabitants,” the Syrian Army’s General Command stated.  

In the same context, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for “a strict and urgent condemnation for the massacre” in two identical letters sent to the Security Council and the General Secretary of the United Nations Banki Moon. 

“This is a moment of truth, transparency and implementation of the Security Council’s resolution concerning fighting terrorism,” the letters read. 

This development coincides the Geneva peace talks between both sides of the conflict to reach a common ground in order to put an end to the ongoing crisis, which started in Spring of 2011. 


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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