Violence escalates in Damascus suburbs



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Damascus, Syria− The Syrian air force bombed on Sunday the areas of Dareyya and Khan al-Sheeh in Damascus suburb, in a try to take control over both areas which are since months under the control of the rebel forces of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). 

Dareyya and Khan al-Sheeh represent two strategic areas both for the regime and the opposition forces. Since months, those areas are besieged by the pro-Assad army while taken as strongholds by FSA rebels.  

Ahmad Sabbagh, a civil rights activist based in the city of Damascus, told ARA News that the helicopters bombed the city of Dareya with explosive barrels on Sunday. The number of casualties is unknown. 

Meanwhile, clashes took place on Sunday evening between the rebels and pro-regime forces near the south-eastern area of Dareyya. 

Similar clashes were reported from Khan al-Sheeh −mainly populated by Palestinian refugees.  

“The regime is using helicopters to drop explosive barrels on residential buildings while the military tries to enter the area, but the FSA rebels are fighting to prevent the pro-Assad military from taking control in Khan al-Sheeh,” Sabbagh said. “Hundreds of Palestinian families are still in the area, unable to leave due to the regime’s blockade. Dozens of civilians were killed in the last few days under the fire of the pro-Assad air force.”  

In other developments, clashes erupted on Sunday between the regime forces rebel groups in the neighbourhood of Qaboun in the capital Damascus. The clashes took place in the vicinity of the industrial area near Jobar district. Artillery shells were fired against Qaboun from the headquarters of the regime in Qasiun Mount.


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali 

Source: ARA News


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