European Commission to observe conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey’s Nusaybin



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Nusaybin, Turkey– At the invitation of the International Middle East Peace Research Center, a delegation from the European Commission met on Sunday a number of Syrian civil activists based in the Turkish city of Nusaybin to discuss possibilities of supporting displaced Syrian civilians inside Syria and in Nusaybin city. 

The Syrian civil activists who joined in the meeting talked about the situation of Syrian refugees in Nusaybin city, estimating that around 30.000 Syrian refugees live in Nusaybin,some are based in the refugee camp and others spread across the city.

The activists focused on the importance of building a civil institution with elected specialized committees which could bring Syrians together, guide them and raise their awareness concerning their rights as refugees. 

“Such an institution would facilitate the process of measuring the number of refugees and their specific needs, beside the importance of delivering an authentic view of the general situation of Syrian refugees to international organization,” said one of the Syrian activists who participated in the meeting with the European Commission in Nusaybin.   

Some of the attendants referred to the difficulties which Syrian refugees face due to the lack of job opportunities and the “exploitation of employers” who employ them (refugees) with minimum wages, demanding the delegation to discuss ways to support the Syrian refugees in Turkey and inside Syria.

Meanwhile, the delegation of the European Commission focused on the importance of registering the Syrian refugees in Turkey at the Turkish competent authorities to provide them with support and to be able to estimate their needs. The delegation discussed with the attendants the situation inside Syria and the different reasons behind the emigration of Syrians to Turkey.

Speaking toARA News, Marwan Jaro, the director of the Syrian school of Jan in Nusaybin city who attended Sunday’s meeting, said: “In our meeting with the delegation, we focused on the situation of Syrian refugees in Nusaybin city and the lack of support from civil institutions, in addition to the importance of supporting the Syrian schools in Turkey due to the utmost importance of ensuring the future of Syrian children.” 

Notably, this meeting was the first of its kind in Nusaybin city which is considered by Syrians as a neglected area due to the weakness of civil institutions working in the city and the lack of attention. 


Reporting by: Zara Seyda

Source: ARA News


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