Faces for Syria: Solidarity campaign on Syria crisis’ third anniversary




ARA News

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan– On the third anniversary of Syrian Rebellion, international activists launched a campaign called “Faces for Syria” to remind the politicians and those in power all over he world of the “massacres” which Syria has been seeing since three years.  

Candles and lights were lit at sunset prior to the third anniversary of the Syrian “revolution” in the most known squares in more than 30 countries on Friday. 

On the 15th of March, the war in Syria entered its fourth year, with more than 146000 dead, among them 8000 children and more than 5000 women, according to reports by human rights organizations.

The campaign called on the world’s politicians to “stand by the Syrian people and prevent one more year of suffering and bloodshed in Syria”.      

The campaign called on activists around the world to join the campaign over internet in order to convey a clear message to politicians that “we will not leave Syrian people alone”. 

Notably, the Syrian opposition activists accuse the international community of remaining indifferent concerning the humanitarian crisis which Syria is witnessing since three years. 


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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