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Amude, Syria– The office of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party (şverû) in Amude city was exposed to an attack by armed militants on Thursday. Two home-made petrol bombs were thrown into the office, causing fire and damage in the building.

The fire was extinguished by locals after causing material damage, activists reported. 

The executers remain anonymous, as no party adopted the operation against the Progressive Party’s office in Amude, northeast of Syria. 

In a statement released by the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, the party condemned the assault, describing the executers as “cowards”. 

“The assault which targeted our office will not discourage us to continue our party’s policies and stances,” the statement read. “The incident came amid rifts between the Kurdish political forces in Syria aiming at fomenting sedition among the Kurdish people in this delicate and sensitive period which requires unity instead of division.” 

Shoresh Sino, member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party, told ARA News that neither the regime forces nor Free Syrian Army fighters (FSA) exist in Amude city.

“Our party is being targeted because of its political activism and stances concerning Geneva 2 and its persistence to reach a political solution for Syria rather than a military one, and this angers other forces,” Shoresh said. 

Notably, the regime forces withdrew from Amude city and other Kurdish areas in Summer 2012 and the city is since then controlled by the Assayish forces −security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). 

The Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party introduces itself as the founding party of the Kurdish national movement in Syria as it was the first Kurdish party founded in Syria in 1956 under the name “the Kurdish Democratic Party” which split into two parties in 1965. It was reportedly known for its “moderate” policies in dealing with the practices of the Syrian regime regarding the Kurdish issue in Syria. The party is a member of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) −founded in summer 2012− and the party’s secretary, Abdul Hamid Darwish, represented the KNC in the opposition delegation at the Geneva 2 peace talks, January 2014.

After being on good terms with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) for some time −especially when a number of the Progressive Party’s members took up arms in Sere Kaniye city to join the PYD’s armed forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) in defending the city against jihadists who attacked the city in 2012− the party has shown opposition to the alleged attempts of the PYD to monopolize power and the practices of its armed forces which control most of the Kurdish areas. The Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party −alongside other Syrian Kurdish parties− refused to recognize the transitional government led by the PYD and some other minor Kurdish, Arab and Syriac forces.


Reporting by: Rezan Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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