Syrian Kurdish student released from Russian detention




ARA News

Nusaybin, Turkey– On Saturday evening, Kurdish student Midiya Salah Mahmoud arrived in Istanbul after getting released from Russian Kharkov Prison.   

Midiya Salah Mahmoud was reportedly kidnapped in Meydan district in Damascus on the 2nd of August 2012 at a regime checkpoint while on her way to the university, and was announced missing by her family afterwards. No information so far about how she turned out to be in a Russian prison or the party which mediated her release.

Hassan Mahmoud, Midiya’s brother, told ARA News that his sister was subjected to dreadful psychological pressure which affected her memory, as she has to make a strenuous effort to be able to remember words before speaking them out.A-001

“There has been a remarkable decline in her physical health and signs of fatigue are apparent on her, aside from losing a lot of weight,” Mahmoud said.  

On the other hand, a source close to Midiya’s family told ARA News that Midiya along with other Syrian female prisoners “were forced to take doses of drugs in the Russian prison”. 

Notably, Ehmed Bonjaq Center to Support Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria said in a statement released on Saturday that the center played a significant role in the release process, without giving further details about the arrival of Midiya in a Russian prison or the party which mediated her release. 


Reporting by: Zara Seyda

Source: ARA News


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