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Hasaka, Syria– Supporters of the Syrian regime gathered on Wednesday in Hafiz al-Assad Square in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka to show support to the Syrian Army and President Bashar al-Assad. Leading members of the ruling Baath Party in Hasaka province participated in the gathering, which was protected by the pro-Assad security forces.  

The participants emphasized “the unity of the Syrian territories starting from the northeastern areas of al-Malikiya (Derik in Kurdish), Qamishli, Amude, Darbasiyah, and Ras al-Ayn (Sere Kaniye in Kurdish) to areas of Ayn al-Arab (Kobane in Kurdish) and Efrin in northwest”, assuring “not to compromise on any part of the Syrian Arab Republic territories” and that the current Syrian flag will remain the official flag of the country “whatever it costs”.

According to observers, “the unity of the Syrian Arab Republic territories” called for by pro-Assad demonstrators apparently doesn’t include the recognition of the Kurdish community −which constitutes a majority in Syria’s north and northeastern areas.  

Local souces reported that students and state employees in Hasaka and its environs were demanded to join the gathering to show loyalty to Assad.

The square −where hundreds of demonstrators gathered− was protected by members of the security forces and militants of the National Defence. 

Due to the participation of the state employees in the demonstration, the work of the governmental institutions was completely stopped and the day (Wednesday) was regarded an official holiday.  

A state employee who preferred to remain anonymous told ARA News: “Many employees were compelled by the regime security forces to take part in the demonstration, threatening to suspend them from their work in case they refused to join.”

Meanwhile, the security forces in Hasaka city compelled the commercial shop owners to paint the Syrian official flag on their shop’s fronts, threatening them with a penalty of 45.000 SP and imprisonment for 6 months if they don’t.  

According to reports, pro-regime demonstrations took place in the last months in Qamishli city, the second main city in Hasaka province. While the city (Qamishli) is still under the control of the regime forces, there is a remarkable presence of the Kurdish military forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), known as the Popular Protection Units (YPG). The city is inhabited by a mix of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs.

Speaking to ARA News, Shoresh Sino, member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party (Pêşverû), said: “While the presence of the Baath Party in some Syrian cities diminished and in others disappeared, it significantly grew stronger in Qamishli city as a natural consequence of the nationalistic rivalry between Kurds and Arabs in the area.”

“Moreover, the de facto authorities of the Syrian regime and the PYD have succeeded in silencing the national Kurdish, Arab and Syriac forces,” Sino argued. 

Notably, these demonstrations came to show support to the candidacy of President Bashar al-Assad in the presidential elections expected in June.


Reporting by: Sipan al-Kurdi

Source: ARA News


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