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Kobane, Syria− In an ardent atmosphere yesterday, the Kobane organization of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria celebrated the sixteenth-after-hundred anniversary of the first Kurdish newspaper. The newspaper carried the name of “Kurdistan” and was founded by the Kurdish Prince, Miqdad Midhat Baderkhan, in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on the 22nd of April, 1898, a date which marks the Kurdish Press Day.

The Progressive Party venerated a number of young journalists in Kobane city on this occasion.

Mullah Yusuf Ali, a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, congratulated the audience on the Kurdish Press Day and broached Syria’s current situations “where the Syrian revolution is still going on while Syrians live miserably”. The ceremony also included some musical sections and songs.

Mustafa Hanifeh, the Central Committee member in the Democratic Progressive Party, told ARA News: “We have been celebrating this occasion since the establishment of our party in 1957. We started doing that practically after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution.”

“We are concerned about media workers as they tackle people’s sufferings and depict their worries. Hence, we honour them with appreciation certificates and small presents on this day, and we encourage them to go on.”

Omar Atti, head of the Local Committee of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Kobane, also made a speech congratulating the Kurdish people and journalists on this “great occasion” (the Kurdish Press Day), and hoping to be a “motivation for the Kurdish media workers to develop, express themselves freely and be the reality’s mirror”. 

At the end of the celebration, the organizing committee honoured a number of journalists in Kobane. 

The Kurdish Press Day was celebrated in many Kurdish areas on Tuesday. 


Reporting by: Dil Bijan Abdullah  

Source: ARA News


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