Efrin revives Kurdish language


Kurdish language was banned for decades in Syria, while the current war situation seems to have opened some space of freedom for Syria Kurds to revive their mother language. Getty

ARA News

Efrin, Syria– On the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day, which marks May 15, residents of Jinderes town in Efrin countryside, north of Syria, held a celebration with the attendance of members of the Kurdish Language Institution (SZK) and the Democratic Society Movement (Tev-Dem).

A member of SZK inaugurated the celebration by congratulating the Kurdish Language teachers in Efrin and talking about the life of Celadet Badir Khan, the Kurdish diplomat and writer who called for using Latin alphabet for the Kurdish language.

Attendants of Efrin celebration on Kurdish Language Day, May 15. Photo: ARA News

The teacher in “Vyan Emara” institute, Fakhri Habo, talked about the importance of the Kurdish language and the difficulties it had faced under the rule of the Baath regime.

He also highlighted the necessity to teach the Kurdish language at all schools in Efrin district and to implement the law that stipulates teaching the curriculum in Kurdish for the first stage students in Rojava regions (Syria’s Kurdish areas).”

The children’s band of the Kurdish Language Institution (SZK) played folk songs praising the Kurdish language and performed some plays on the difficulties this language faced and on the situation in Efrin in general. Some language teachers read poems, and certificates were delivered to the students of the probationary classes of the Kurdish curriculum.


Reporting by Jinda Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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