Hundreds of Kurdish families escaped war-torn Syrian areas, blocked at Iraqi Kurdistan borders


An estimated 750 Syrian Kurdish families escaped violence in Aleppo, Efrin and Raqqa and are currently blocked in northeastern areas. File photo: Activists

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey– The Human Rights Organization in Syria –Maf– called on Wednesday on all humanitarian organizations in the world and in Syria to provide a helping hand to 750 displaced families who recently emigrated from Aleppo, Efrin and Raqqa to areas of northeastern Syria due to security vacuum and worsening humanitarian conditions. 

The Maf organization reported in a statement that it received information at the end of March this year about the arrival of 750 displaced families from areas of Aleppo, Efrin and Raqqa to the Syrian border region with the Iraqi Kurdistan territory.

“The displaced families intended entering Iraqi Kurdistan escaping the conditions of the unjust war imposed on their areas. However, they weren’t allowed to pass through the Simalka border crossing due to its closure on both sides of the border, and were consequently compelled to take shelter in schools and mosques of the Syrian border villages of Karbalat, Ali Gamesh and Sharik,” Maf statement read.

Maf also called on each of UN organizations, the authority of the PYD-led self-rule government in northeastern Syria, the Kurdish National Council (KNC), the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the Syrian Kurdish Red Crescent and the Association of Doctors Without Borders in al-Malikya/Derik city to bear their responsibilities towards the 750 displaced families and provide them with help.

The Human Rights Organization in Syria –Maf– also demanded the officials of the KRG and the authority of the PYD-led government to find a drastic solution for the issue of the 750 displaced families in accordance with the international and regional conventions of human rights.

Noteworthy, the Simalka border crossing is closed for months due to political rifts between the KRG and the PYD-led self-rule administration regarding the Syrian crisis and the PYD’s politics in the predominantly Kurdish areas of Syrian −which fall under the control of its military and security forces.


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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