Islamists arrest Syrian state employees near Kobane


Islamists repeatedly detained civilians from Kobane city, north Syria. File photo: AL

ARA News

Kobane, Syria− Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) kidnapped on Thursday two cars carrying 30 passengers from Kobane/Ain al-Arab in northern Syria, near the bridge of Qara Qozak on the Euphrates River, 45 km south of Kobane city. 

Local sources told ARA News that most of the passengers are government employees and they were heading from Aleppo to Kobane after having been paid their monthly salaries in the areas controlled by the Syrian regime in Aleppo city.

“After being captured by militants of ISIL, the passengers, mostly Kurds, were led to Manbej city north of Aleppo,” locals reported. “The cars (which were carrying them) were kept underreservation”.

The destiny of the arrested state employees is still unknown. 

Similar incidents repeatedly took place in the recent months in the region, mostly in the predominantly Kurdish areas as the number of the detainees from Kobane (in Aleppo countryside) increased by ISIL group. The prisoners and abducted toll exceeded 400 people, according to local sources.


Reporting by: Rozbehan Saeed

Source: ARA News

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