New Russian naval destroyer on Syria’s territorial water


Pacific Fleet's large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleyev". File photo: RIA

ARA News

In its edition published on Saturday, the US-based World Tribune reported that a Russian military destroyer arrived in the Syrian territorial water “to protect Damascus from any marine attacks”, adding that the Russian Navy reinforced its forces based in the Mediterranean, near the Syrian Coast, by providing this destroyer. 

According to Captain Vadim Seirja, the Russian naval spokesman, the marine destroyer “Vice Admiral Kolakov” was sent to protect Syria from any potential naval attacks. 

“This naval destroyer is permanently added to the Russian Naval Missions Force established in 2013,” the Russian Navy spokesman said. “This force comprises twelve battleships and supplies boats.”

In a relevant context, some Western diplomatic sources mentioned that the Russian Naval Missions Force has been protecting the Syrian Coast “against Sunni opponents’ attacks for the last three years”. 

Reporting by Azad Jimkari     

Source: ARA News

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