Residents of Efrin flee Syria war


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Efrin, Syria− With the escalation of violence and militarization of the Syrian crisis, the Kurdish city of Efrin in Aleppo countryside, north of Syria, has witnessed huge migration to Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan.

“Deteriorating living conditions and ongoing arrests of activists by Assayish forces −linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− as well as lack of jobs pushed people to migrate,” Mustafa Hasan, one of Efrin’s residents, told ARA News.

“I have three sons; the eldest is 21 years old and the youngest is 16. They were among the first participants in the revolution. I was obliged to send them to Turkey because they were arrested several times by the Syrian security forces, then by Assayish,” Hasan said. 

A new phenomenon has emerged recently in Efrin; the migration of students to work or complete their studies abroad.

“As students are unable to attend their universities due to ongoing clashes and shelling in Aleppo city, they are obliged to leave the country and seek some opportunities abroad,” Abu Muhammad, a resident of Efrin and father of a student, told ARA News.

Abu Muhammad added, “I have sent my son to complete his study in Turkey because the road from Efrin to Aleppo University is too dangerous, and the regime has repeatedly bombarded the university.”

Efrin-Aleppo road used to take one hour before the crisis and now it takes more than 12 hours due to the multiple security checkpoints installed by the opposition fighters and the pro-Assad forces, beside the risk passengers go through as continues clashes take place along the Efrin-Aleppo road between the pro-Assad military forces and fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).


Reporting by: Jiwan Efrini 

Source: ARA News



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