Residents of Syria’s Efrin suffer power outage


Efrin city in northern Aleppo. File photo: AL

ARA News

Efrin, Syria− After the regime’s loss and withdrawal from the northern countryside of Aleppo, it deprived people from their basic needs of water and electricity as well as food items, according to locals. 

Efrin, one of the cities in Aleppo northern countryside, has been suffering from “ongoing power cut for more than two years now, where it is available shortly during the week or, sometimes, over subsequent months,” Dara Eybish, one of Efrin’s residents, told ARA News.

With the ongoing power cut, people are obliged to use big generators to distribute electricity on houses and shops for weekly amounts.

Electricity generator in Syria’s Efrin

“However, these amounts increased with the increase of fuel prices and high costs of generators’ maintenance,” Abdo Abu Ahmad, one of the generators’ owners in Efrin, stated to ARA News

“The weekly costs have increased because the Democratic Union Party (PYD) takes a certain portion out of these amounts,” Abu Ahmad said. 

Ibrahim, one of Efrin’s residents and a generator beneficiary, talked to ARA News about his sufferings from the high prices of the generators’ service saying, “We need two amperes at minimum to be able to start the fridge and lights. The price of one ampere is 650 Syrian Lira, more or less depending on fuel prices.”

Imad Omar, another beneficiary of the generators service in Efrin city, told ARA News “I already bought a small generator for my house, but when this service was available I immediately registered as it is financially frugal and the danger of fuel incineration is excluded.” 

Few weeks ago, the power became partially available after more than eleven months of continuous outage. 


Reporting by Joan Efrini 

Source: ARA News

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