Underage involved in Syria war, shot by mistake


Two little girls holding the picture of Ahmad Khalil, 13, during his funeral in Efrin, northwest of Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

Efrin, Syria – On Friday, the member of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protections Units (YPG) Ahmad Khalil was reported dead after being mistakenly gunshot during military training in the Kurdish northwestern Syrian city of Efrin.

Khalil, 16, died in Efrin hospital where he was transferred to following the incident.

Ahmad’s parents told ARA News that their son’s real age is 16. “However, during the funeral, YPG members said he was 18.”

“YPG’s attempt to hide our son’s real age was surprising, as if they want to show that there are no underage fighters in their ranks,” Khalil’s father said. “We still believe in the cause of the YPG and their ambition of protecting our areas against Islamists. Among many others, our son fell a victim of the current devastating war.”

Noteworthy, two other YPG fighters were reported dead last week when a grenade exploded accidentally during training in a YPG-held military zone near Qastal Jindo village in Efrin countryside.


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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