Syrian security forces raid Hasakah university


Students of al-Furat University in Hasakah during exam. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – The colleges of al-Furat University in the city of Hasakah witnessed heavy security deployment of the pro-regime security forces and militants of the National Defence Army inside the university campus, while the students are performing their second examination term of the year 2014.

Massoud Osman, a University student in Hasakah, stated to ARA News that heavy deployment of the Syrian security forces and militants of the National Defence Army were seen in the faculties of al-Furat on Thursday, coincided with the start of students’ exams.

“They are searching for anti-Assad activists among the students,” Osman said. “The security members were in civilian clothes inside the colleges in order to monitor the students and teachers, beside the inspection of the security cameras attached to the University buildings to monitor suspects whether inside or outside the building.”

“The pro-regime security members prevent the entry and exit of students to the colleges without presenting their University Cards, creating discomfort environment to them. Even inside examination halls you see security members. That’s unbearable,” Osman told ARA News.

According to the university administration, the reason behind the intensifying security presence in the faculties of Hasakah is “to maintain the students and teachers’ safety”, especially in the faculties of Civil Engineering and Economy which are located in the Geweran neighbourhood, which recently saw growing violence.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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