Water reflow gives glimpse of hope to Syria’s Qamishli


The on-going conflict in Syria has caused enormous damage to the country’s essential water and sewage systems, putting millions of people at risk of waterborne diseases, and creating huge challenges for the sector. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – After two years of constant cut, water started to flow again in the city of Qamishli, northeast Syria, amid an atmosphere of relaxation and satisfaction among residents of the city.

Talking to ARA News, Fares Omar, one of Qamishli residents, commented the renewal of water flow in the city saying: “We never believed that water would come back again to our homes. I hope that the security will come back too.”

Nalin Sadiq, another resident of the largest Kurdish-majority city in Syria (Qamishli), stated to ARA News that people’s joy in the city was “unbelievable” when solution to water crisis loomed last week.  “We are in a wide clean sweep at homes since Wednesday,” she said.

Another resident, Bahoz, told ARA News: “In the light of water crisis, we used to buy drinking water at high prices, but this suffering seems to be over now, and I thank everyone who contributed to accomplish the renewal of water flow, as it is the main need of people in the area.”

However, Yasser Aziz, another resident of the city expressed his doubts about the continuation of the current water flow, saying that water shortage, its return, high prices and difficult living conditions “are only a game by the Syrian regime and its supporters in order to displace more Syrians from their country”.

“However, we will stay in our historical land in spite of all the sufferings,” he stated to ARA News.

The atmosphere of joy continued among the people of Qamishli due to the return of water, thanking all those who contributed doing this good job. “We thank everyone worked hard for the return of water to our homes, and we thank God for his favors during this month of Ramadan,” said Khalil Ahmad, a Kurdish civil rights activist in Qamishli.

The city of Qamishli (located on the Syrian-Turkish border) has experienced water shortage, as well as electricity and mobile communications’ cut, since the start of the crisis in Syria in March 2011.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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