German Church praying for Iraqi Yezidis


Markktkirche Hanover. File photo

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – A group of Syrian and foreign youth and religious organizations took to the street on Tuesday in the German city of Hanover to show solidarity with the Yezidi victims of Shingal area in northern Iraq, condemning the attacks of the Islamic State (IS) Yezidi Kurds.

Under the banner “mourn for Shingal”, hundreds participated in Tuesday’s rally in Hanover, where they chanted anti-IS slogans.

Some of the participants confirmed to ARA News that the bells of the Markktkirche Church of Hanover will be ringing on Wednesday and prayers of peace will be performed in solidarity with Iraqi Yezidis. 

This rally was preceded by a similar one in the German city of Bielefeld on Saturday, where thousands rallied to show solidarity with the Yezidi cause. 

The Kurdish Yezidi minority in northern Iraq was exposed to attacks by militants of the Islamic State (IS) last week, where thousands escaped the area and headed to Sinjar mountain to suffer then a sharp shortage of water and food. While hundreds of others were reportedly killed by IS militanta. According to the Iraq Minister of Human Rights, at least 500 Yezidis were killed by IS group, some of them buried alive.  


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar 

Source: ARA News

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