U.S. targets Khorasan militants in Syria


MIlitant fighters of Khorasan group in Syria. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Eight air raids were carried out on Tuesday by the International Coalition forces on Khorasan group strongholds in Syria.

The group, named after the Persian territory of Khorasan (that lies inside the borders of Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan), fights now in Syria with a majority of Afghani and Pakistani militants.

Based on the American Defence Ministry, the Pentagon, there are no accurate statistics regarding the number of fighters in the group.

“The Khorasan group plans attacks against western countries and was about to commence executing them,” a statement by the United Nations read.

The statement also mentioned that the U.S.-led air strikes in Syria targeted Khorasan’s explosive manufacturing workshops, communication centers and munitions warehouses.

Muhsin al-Fadli, founder of Khorasan extremist group

Muhsin al-Fadli, 33, is a Kuwaiti senior leader in al-Qaeda and founder of Khorasan Islamist group. His name was included in the list of terrorism in 2005 and was among the few announced names of September 11 terrorists.

The bombardment of the French lorry in the Yamani city of Ta’izz in 2002 was ascribed to al-Fadli, and the American intelligence allocated a 7-million-USD reward for any information about him.

Based on the American intelligence, al-Fadli had a direct relationship with Osama Bin Laden.

James Clabber, the US national intelligence director, said last week: “Khorasan fighters are dangerous to the western countries and constitute direct threat on the U.S.”

According to reports, the Khorasan extremist group makes bombs and put them on western aircrafts, as a result the U.S. and its allies must maintain strict security at their airports. The group also broadly trains its foreign fighters to carry out attacks in their countries of origin.


Reporting by: Slava Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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