Peshmerga: more military reinforcements to arrive in Kobane


A Kurdish fighter from the Peshmerga. File photo

ARA News 

Kobane, Syria – Military sources from the Peshmerga forces confirmed that a new batch of vehicles loaded with weapons and military equipment moved from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq toward the embattled Syrian city of Kobane. 

General Azzedin Temmo, leading member of the Peshmerga, told reporters in Kobane that following an assessment by the Peshmerga leadership and the YPG forces, “nine military vehicles loaded with weapons and other equipment left Erbil on Monday heading to Kobane” –where the Kurdish fighters are battling extremists of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS). 

Meanwhile, Turkish media confirmed Iraqi Kurdistan’s decision to send a second batch of Peshmerga fighters into Kobane, after last week’s entrance of 155 other fighters accompanied by heavy weapons and ammunitions. 

“The Ministry of Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan sent reinforcements to the Kurdish forces defending Kobane against IS radicals; a second shipment of weaponry will arrive soon in Kobane through the Turkish territory,” the Turkish newspaper Vatan reported. 

Officials in the Ministry of Peshmerga said that the forces that have joined the fight in Kobane have been able to achieve the planned strategic goals, emphasizing the growing role of the Peshmerga in fighting IS militants in Syria’s Kobane.  

In the meantime, Chekdar Kobani, leader of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Kobane, told ARA News on the phone that the main IS force in Kobane has been virtually eliminated as the IS extremists are now stranded in the eastern and southern parts of the city.

“Heavy and medium weapons brought by the Peshmerga forces have been used in the recent clashes, enabling the Kurdish defenders to weaken the impact of IS terrorists in southern and western Kobane,” he said.

The Military commander added that the clashes are ongoing in the vicinity of Minas, Albalour, and Abroush farm in the western countryside “as hit-and-run battles are taking place amid advancement by the Kurdish forces in the area”. 

Media activists from the Turkish border with Kobane confirmed the absence of the U.S.-led anti-IS coalition raids since Tuesday morning, despite the constant exploratory sorties of the coalitions’ warplanes.


Reporting by: Jan Ali  

Source: ARA News

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