Syrian regime forces attack ISIS in Hasakah


ARA News 

Hasakah, Syria – On Monday, clashes continued in the southwestern countryside of the city of al-Hasakah between the Syrian regime army (with the support of the National Defense) and the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) for the seventh consecutive day, in conjunction with the artillery bombardment by the pro-regime forces from Kawkab military branch (10 km eastern Hasakah). 

The Media Office of the National Defense forces in Hasakah said Monday that the Syrian Arab army targeted gatherings of militants in the village of Um Kubr, injuring two IS militants and seizing weapons.

The statement added that the National Defense forces clashed with a group of IS militants in the eastern part of Jisr Abyad in southern Hasakah, resulted in the injury of three IS militants and the confiscation of their car (Hyundai). 

In the meantime, the members of the pro-Assad Baath Brigades in Hasakah arrested two people during a raid on the Aziziyah neighborhood on charges of smuggling arms into the city.

Activists based in Aziziyah told ARA News that the two suspects, Fathi Wardi and his son Ayman Wardi were arrested on the pretext that they were supporting IS militants in southern Hasakah. 

Speaking to ARA News, activist Muhammad Ali said that the regime forces were alert on the roadblocks deployed at the entrances of the city and within it. Moreover, military police patrols were deployed in the city checking the “military service books” for young men of recruitment age.


Reporting by: Zaradasht Khalil

Source: ARA News

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