Anti-ISIS coalition to continue operations in Syria and Iraq


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Damascus, Syria – Anti-Islamic State’s international coalition carried out 24 news strikes against the strongholds of the radical group in Syria and Iraq during the last two days. 

The U.S. Central Command said Wednesday that the U.S.-led coalition carried out 14 new strikes against IS extremists in Syria and 10 others against the radical group in Iraq since Monday. 

The Syrian border city of Kobane was a main target for the U.S. fighter jets in the last few days, preventing IS attempts to seize the war-torn city.

Kurdish fighters of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and the allied Peshmerga forces are defending the city against IS extremists for more than two months, amid continuous clashes which has claimed the lives of hundreds on both sides. 

According to the U.S. Central Command, the airstrikes in Iraq, on the other hand, included strongholds of IS group in the cities of Mosul, Tel Afar, Falluja, Ramadi and al-Qaim.

These strikes led to the destruction of IS-manned military vehicles, buildings and armories. 


Reporting by: Salma Sharif 

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