Art and literature.. stories of war and peace in a Kurdish city


Compilation of Tammam Azzam's “Freedom Graffiti” and Elias Izoli's “Untitled” © Ayyam Gallery

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Hasakah, Syria – The Kurdish Students Movement (YUL) launched an exhibition at the Buhar Forum Center, in the city of Hasakah, in northeastern Syria.

The exhibition, which lasts for a week, includes paintings by local artists as well as literary works by prominent authors.

“The exhibition reveals the reality of this region in all its details, as reflected in artistic works and literature,” said Majed Asaad, a Kurdish painter who contributed to the exhibition.

“My paintings express the current reality in northeastern Syria, such as the living conditions and the restriction on freedom of speech,” Asaad told ARA News.

“The sense of sadness and pessimism which overshadowed my paintings has received a lot of criticism, which is quite understandable, but I believe I cannot detach my work from the misery my region goes through at the moment,” the Kurdish painter said. “However, some works of my colleagues reflected hope, which I find positive and illustrates the diversity of ideas which enriches our exhibition.”

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, Azad Muhammed, a member of the Kurdish Students Movement, commented on the literary works exhibited, saying: “Most of the books were offered by Sama Library. The collection includes universal novels and stories, in addition to a set of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faki’s writings and masterpieces of the Syrian romantic poet Nizar Qabbani.”

Muhammed said that the books’ section of the exhibition was exposed to wide critique by visitors because it lacked Kurdish literary works.

“There was a shortage of Kurdish books on the one hand, but on the other hand, we intended to promote some foreign literature,” Muhammed said.

According to observers, the importance of such exhibitions lies in the fact that they maintain public interest in art and literature, regardless of the ongoing devastation caused by the war.


Reporting by: Aynur Muhammed

Source ARA News

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