Turkish police opens fire against Kurdish protesters, casualties reported


ARA News 

Istanbul, Turkey – On Saturday, Turkish policemen opened fire against Kurdish protesters in southeastern Turkey, killing one of them and injuring two others. 

Rojhat Özdel, 18, was killed by the hands of Turkish police during a rally in the Kurdish city of  Yüksekova, southeastern Turkey, eyewitnesses told ARA News on Saturday. 

The victim was reportedly blamed for stone-throwing against Turkish policemen during the rally.

Turkish officials told AFP that the Kurdish young protester “was implicated in the violence against police forces”.

The rally was organized by Kurdish parties in Yüksekova in commemoration of the death of three protesters by Turkish police in the same city nearly a year ago. 

Several Kurdish protests took place in different areas across Turkey in the recent weeks to reject Turkey’s position towards the conflict in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane –where Kurdish forces have been battling extremists of the Islamic State for more than two months. Turkey is accused of facilitating the movement of IS extremists through its territory to attack Kobane’s defenders. 


Reporting by: Sadoun Hemo

Source: ARA News 

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