Assad optimistic about Moscow talks


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Wednesday that the Syrian delegation is expected to visit Moscow at the end of January.

Assad pointed out in an interview with a Czech magazine that the visit is not to open a dialogue to find a political solution for the crisis, “but to address the building blocks to a dialogue.” 

Assad said that the Syrian regime’s delegation will go to Moscow and has no intention to start the dialogue, but to attend meetings “with the so-called opposition” to reach an agreement upon which the dialogue will be based, the official Syrian news agency SANA quoted Assad.

“The most important foundations we must adhere to are the unity of Syria’s land and people, the fight against terrorist organizations, and to provide full support to the Syrian army and security forces in the fight against terrorism,” al-Assad added.

Speaking about the opposition figures who are expected to attend Moscow peace talks, Assad said that some of the opposition figures are “national figures”; some others have no real power and do not represent a significant part of the Syrian people, “while the rest are merely dolls in the hands of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, France or the United States”.

“Such opponents do not work for the benefit of their country,” Assad argued.

On the expected results of the upcoming peace talks, Assad explained that it is too early to judge the talks’ success or failure.

“But we expressed more than once, as government of Syria, the need to support the Russian initiative, and we should sit on one table for the sake of the Syrian people and the country,” the Syrian President concluded. 

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in December 2014 the Syrian government’s readiness to participate in Moscow talks, while major body of the opposition, represented by the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), refused to attend the meeting for concerns about Assad’s position in Syria’s future.


Reporting by: Mohammed Darwish

Source: ARA News

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