Islamic State abducts sons of tribal leader in eastern Syria


Militants of the Islamic State. File photo

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – Militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) abducted three sons of the Arab tribal leader of Baggara, Nawaf al-Bashir, in the city of Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria, local sources reported on Wednesday.

“The group raided the house of al-Bashir with a number of cars loaded with heavy and light weapons on December 27,” the sources said. “After inspecting the house, they escorted three sons of al-Bashir, Asaad, Laith and Meshaal, taking them to an unknown destination.”

Observers consider the group’s practice towards the leader of the largest Arab tribe in the region as a provocation for a tribal war, especially since many Arab tribes in the region have already pledged allegiance to the IS radical group. 

Speaking to ARA News from Deir ez-Zor, Abu Mohamed Baggari, cousin of al-Bashir, said that it is not the first time the group has captured members of the tribe.

“However, the abduction of al-Bashir’s sons is a declaration of war,” he said, pointing out that the people of the tribe will not remain indifferent towards these violations.

The abduction of al-Bashir’s sons comes after a truce between the tribe and the IS group, following several weeks of fighting between the two sides. Nearly 400 people have been killed from both parties.


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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