Kobane is being destroyed because of ISIS: FSA commander


Damaged residential buildings in Kobane, Oct. 27, 2014. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – Approximately 90% of the residential buildings in the embattled Syrian city of Kobane have been destroyed, especially those fell under the control of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS), a leading member of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reported.

Abdullah Dada, an FSA commander in Kobane, confirmed that the Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) forced the IS radicals to withdraw from the city after receiving support from the Peshmerga and the FSA factions.

“Currently, only 20% of the city’s areas remain under IS control,” Dada told the Turkish Star TV.

Concerning the course of the battles in Kobane, the source reported that the YPG forces and the FSA fighters are currently removing the remaining IS terrorists from the city center. 

“We do not have enough heavy weapons to repel them completely, so we are advancing slowly now,” he said. 

Dada explained that the Peshmerga fighters are constantly bombarding IS sites with mortars and rockets.

“As a new tactic, IS terrorists are using explosive devices and mines detonated through remote control.”

“Nearly 90% of homes in the areas previously held by the terrorists in Kobane were destroyed,” the FSA commander said.

“We have made significant progress against them (IS), and despite the efficient role of the U.S.-led coalition’s warplanes bombing IS sites, we demand the coalition provide us with heavy weapons,” he added.

Speaking to ARA News in this regard, civil rights activist Marouf Akkari said: “This percentage of the mass destruction is realistic, and it will reach 100%, but no one cares about this matter.”

“Kobane is being sacrificed for the sake of eliminating the IS group,” Akkari argued.

“The aggressive raids carried out by the coalition’s warplanes against any suspected IS gunmen, will eventually lead to the destruction of the entire city,” Akkari said. “The irony is that we, as people of Kobane, are pleased with this mass destruction, and even applaud it, as long as it leads to the weakening of this terrorist group.”

Noteworthy, Kobane has been witnessing fierce battles for nearly four months, where various types of heavy weapons have been used including warplanes and tanks. 


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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