Pro-Assad forces arrest young men in Hasakah, oblige them to join Syrian army


Pro-Assad army officers in Hasakah. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Last week, the pro-regime forces in Hasakah city, northeastern Syria, stormed houses and arrested dozens of young men under the pretext of driving them to compulsory military service, local sources reported.

This comes after the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a decision demanding Syrian youth to perform military service, and allowing them to serve in their own provinces. In the pre-war phase, Syrian young men were obliged to serve in other provinces away from their hometowns. 

“The pro-regime militia of the National Defense Army formed a group entrusted with a mission of arresting the young people who are wanted to perform military service,” locals from Nashwa Gharbiya district of Hasakah told ARA News on Sunday.

“Pro-Assad forces are stemming houses in the midnight to capture as many young men as possible and transfer them to military camps,” father of an arrestee told ARA News  (under the condition of anonymity).


Reporting by: Zozan Shekho

Source: ARA News

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